Uncle Frank

Via Prime Video

A seemingly mysterious man, on his journey to self-forgiveness, Frank (Paul Bettany), struggles with everything from his sobriety to his sexuality yet, this witty and charming story is not like anything you’ve ever seen. It unfolded perfectly, leaving even the most savvy of movie watchers surprised and mislead sometimes. As we travel with Beth (Sophia Lillis) through her 1973 country life, it’s made clear that her world is not as naive as it appears. Her relationship with her ‘Uncle Frank’ is untouchable and even though it drastically changes throughout the film, their solid bond remains. Concise, edited perfectly and the story-line, despite its twists and turns, stays on track. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a character based movie void of the director’s inflated ego. It was so laser focused on the story and characters; it was impressive to say the least.

The script is witty and as soon as it starts to veer towards typical or predictable, it takes a sharp left turn and ends up being so magical. The situations the characters get into, seem to be leading the audience towards prejudice and then, it takes a turn to the non-homophobic conclusion. It normalizes being gay, which hasn’t been the typical depiction in the past, but this movie, although set in the past, portrays the current attitude of normalizing gay relationships. It was so well done and with the incredibly talented actors giving performances of a lifetime, it’s easy to be genuinely invested in their heart-wrenching and heart-warming stories.

In this low budget film, Sophia Lillis (Beth) stands out instantly as the star of this story; she’s watchable, charming, and talented beyond her years. Peter Macdissi (Walli) is a runaway train in the best way. He steals every scene and should absolutely be nominated for supporting role awards. The rest of the cast delivers as well which isn’t a huge surprise considering the legendary writer/director, Alan Ball (American Beauty, Six Feet Under) was at the helm of this quirky, charming work of art.

If you need to feel some unconditional love and/or need to shed some tears, make sure you don’t miss this one!