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“This movie will make you feel the full spectrum of emotions and it's totally worth the ride.”

It was the summer of 2000 and I was a fresh-faced, boy-crazy 12 year-old and looking forward to the new shows premiering on THE Disney Channel. I sat down with my mom to watch the new show “Even Stevens” and I was so enamored from the first scene. The show ended and I instantly turned to my mom and said, “I’m gonna marry him”, to which she replied, “Who, Donny (Nick Spano) ?”, and I said, “Ew, no, Louis!”. And from that moment on, Shia and I have been in an intimate, cinematic relationship, unbeknownst to him, of course. So, this film was a big deal for my man and I and I couldn’t be prouder. Because I’ve been following his every career move since the beginning, I felt so connected to this story as I remember it all, vividly, from a very different stand point. It was emotional for me to understand his journey in the most honest and raw way so this review is my love letter to my lifelong partner in cinema, Mr. LaBeouf.

Shia, Through the lens of this film you displayed your true and uncomfortable understanding of humans in the most interesting way. The work you did for yourself in therapy is evident because your forgiveness towards your abusive father is merciful via your incredible performance. I missed your talent and it feels like you and your craft haven’t missed a beat. Welcome back to the top of your game. There’s something so specific about each character, yet, they are similar in every way because they are all people in the end. Your compassionate view of the innocence of a child was broadcasted beautifully through the eyes of “Otis”, the fictional version of you. Noah Jupe is a revelation, just like you were at his age; talented beyond your years, big-hearted, and ready to take on every challenge. This story propels forward like a rollercoaster and doesn’t stop until after the credits have rolled. Every ounce of it just oozes with purpose, love, and evolution, for the good or the bad. There's a reason we all root for you, Shia; you’re not afraid to lend your entire soul to us so that we can fully enjoy your complicated and remarkabble stories. Your heart is as big as the world and we all like to root for the good-at-heart’s. Forever your partner in film and biggest fan, E

Any fan of cinema will drool over this film given its mastery of all the components needed to make a great movie. Watch it. Watch it again. And, fuck it you’re stuck at home anyways, watch it again.