The Prom

Via Netflix

A spectacle of Broadway performances, telling the (tired) age-old story of the tortured, closeted protagonist as she discovers it’s best to be herself. Broadway brought to your home - the grandiose numbers and larger than life characters feel just like the performances you’d find in live theatres. It’ll quench your thirst for those of us yearning to get back to watching stories on stage. This musical to film adaption reminds me of the adaption of Hairspray - few have paralleled the success of that transitional movie until now. It’s enjoyable from tip to top if you overlook the same, tired version of the main character struggling to come out.

I understand that I can’t fully understand what it’s like to live as a queer person, however, I don’t think everyone struggles with themselves so much in 2020 and after the example Schitt’s Creek set, I don’t think every queer story has to be tragic. It can be displayed as normal to be in love and gay and to portray that in current entertainment is the standard now. For me, the struggle to be out is over-played and out-dated. It’s time we start making stories that celebrate being queer by telling them through the eyes of someone who doesn’t struggle with being out and themselves. I truly hope that’s where cinema is headed because, well, it’s about damn time.

The acting couldn’t be better but, I’m not surprised with Ryan Murphy directing. The newcomer,Jo Ellen Pellman (Emma), not only kept up with these super stars (Meryl Streep, James Corden, Kerry Washington, Andrew Rannells, etc) but, almost outshined them in most scenes. Jo Ellen Pellman has the voice of an angel and is a pure joy to watch. James Corden did his best but, because we are so used to hearing his voice and accent daily, it was hard to adjust to his attempt at an American accent. Keegan-Michael Key just keeps surprising me with his endless talent and effortless acting skills. He really grounds the magnificence of the other characters and roots the plot line in reality.

Though it’s just over two hours long, the plot moves right along. The second you might start to drift off, it sucks you back in with an amazing musical number. If you’re not a fan of musical film adaptions this will not be a fun experience for you. If you’re looking for an easy watch filled with star-studded performances, you’ll have a great time watching this movie!