Standing Up, Falling Down

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This heartfelt, indie film tells the story of a struggling comedian, who moves home only to befriend his alcoholic dermatologist. You know, your basic struggling dreams story! Though the premise may be unique, this movie is sweet and really funny. The two main characters, Scott (Ben Schwartz) and Marty (Billy Crystal) meet unsuspectingly and form a lifelong bond that we get to see develop over the course of the film. It’s a hidden gem that will give you all the feels that you need this holiday season. If you haven’t discovered the treasure named Ben Schwartz yet, now is your moment. The star of this movie carries the whole story with ease and makes Billy Crystal look like the newcomer.

I was disappointed with Crystal’s performance and expected more strength is his comedy performance than in the dramatic moments. I can appreciate his attempt to branch out but, it didn’t work for me. I also expected his performance to be a little more honest and it felt very rehearsed, scripted, and unnatural. Alongside Schwartz, a master improviser (Middleditch & Schwartz on Netflix) who artfully exudes naturalism and executes his comedic moments easily, it was tough to watch a comedy legend struggle a bit. The supporting cast was solid as well and gave Schwartz a contextual field to give his character true depth.

The ending is the only potion of the movie that I didn’t love. It was inconclusive and left me wanting something more, but not in the fun way. I don’t mind an ‘Inception’ type., ending that leads you to the end and then allows you to make your own assumptions. However, this ending leads you towards a conclusion and then leaves you hanging in the wind, literally. Perhaps, the true meaning of the ending escaped me and it makes sense to those smarter than me. If you're one of those people, please DM and fill me in!

Other than the ending, this movie will entertain you the whole way through and if nothing else, you’ll get to watch a star rise in Ben Schwartz and have a few laughs along the way!