Sound of Metal

Via Prime Video

From moment one, Riz Ahmed (Ruben) reminds us how watchable and engaging he is ; the man just sits there for the first solid minute, doing nothing, and it’s the most interesting thing I’ve seen all day! This is a story about a young, struggling musician who rapidly loses his ability to hear. We accompany him on his journey back to normalcy and it’s not the journey you’d expect! We lose the ability to hear with him and it’s so immersive and absolutely, rightfully terrifying. Immediately, you feel for this non-active addict and root for him with all of your heart as he battles the loss of everything he knows and loves. Being deaf isn’t necessarily the scary part but, being able to hear and then losing that ability feels like falling off of an endless cliff. I like that the audience never knows more than the protagonist. We are in it together which really solidifies the fears of the unknown.

The desperate search for normalcy throughout the film is devastating and we all know a similar feeling. It certainly is different but, it's very reminiscent of 2020 and the constant seeking out of something, anything normal. Not only is this a journey of a man from a hearing one to a non-hearing one, but his journey from not himself to finally his true self and understanding his purpose in life.

Give Riz all the awards, please. His performance is immaculate and being able to hear in real life as the actor and portray not being able to hear as the character is seemingly impossible. He pulls it off perfectly and is so compelling; he needs all the trophies. This story is told in Rez’s (Ruben's) eyes and most of the dialogue happens inside of him as he tells that internal dialogue flawlessly. There was no guessing what he might be feeling, it’s just there in plain sight, vulnerable as it gets and as human as humans can be. I like how much space the actors allowed for silence and letting emotion develop at a natural pace giving the pacing of each scene lots of room to breathe. Sound design should absolutely get an Oscar for their incredible portrayal of the deaf experience through a first-person approach.

You’ll cry the good tears only towards the end and be enamored by the rest of the movie. If you’re a lover of film you’ve probably already seen this masterpiece. If not, please watch it asap!