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Size Doesn't Matter : Short Films

My Fat Arse and I” - animated shorts competition

A humorous depiction of what it feels like to be a woman and believe the lie that being smaller is better. The experience of withholding food and picking at your body regardless of health is a common experience for almost everyone, especially females. Though the animation was rudimentary, it painted a clear enough picture to get the point across that eating disorders are far too common and the pressure to look a certain way is over-whelming for most people. Being comfortable with your body the way it looks when its healthy is a form of self-love that will allow you to win happiness every time.

Stuffed - Short Films (pictured)

Immediately bizarre and cringey, but it only gets more entertaining and demented as time goes on. For those of us who get a kick out of the strange, this short is awesome! It starts out with a musical number about taxidermy while the “artist” tried to find a human to preserve. The musical composition is gorgeous along with the brilliantly talented cast, cinematography, lighting, and set design. The final act of stuffing her subject is intense, suspenseful, and oddly human even though the gorey details are on full display the entire time. The messaging is clear, preserving life is impossible for a reason; its creepy, unnecessary, and disturbing for everyone involved. LOVED THIS.

Sisters - Short Films

Taking care of their mother who has terminal brain cancer, the two sisters try to reconnect while they call “dibs” on her things. I know from personal experience that retaining items from the deceased is a fickle game especially when emotions are running high after the death of a loved one. These sisters mend cracks in their relationships as they shop for mementoes and their mother quietly and happily passes away.

Wired Shut - High School Short Competition

A young man was in a bicycle accident and broke his jaw in two places. He recounts his accident and the process of healing his unique injury. His accounts are very honest, and I should know, because I broke my jaw in two places when I was 6. Even though I was young, the memories will stay vivid the rest of my life and from what I remember, this short film depicts it perfectly. Shot well and edited almost professionally, I wish this young man luck with his jaw and with his imminent film career.

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