Promising Young Woman

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This review is sponsored in part and brought to you by the word FINALLY.

Finally, a movie with an accurate depiction of the current feminist movement and a peek into the female experience. This is a story every woman knows because she’s either lived it herself or has lived through it with someone she loves. In the age of rape culture and #MeToo movements, this timely story about rape revenge is the fantasy come true for everyone who has been through the horrors of sexual abuse. Though most of the movie is hilarious and ultra-satisfying, the ending takes a sharp right turn into a dark, unexpected space. I want to recount and review so many details, but I can’t give out too many spoilers, y'all! I was gifted a viewing void of spoilers and opinions of others which made all the difference. You’ll just have to trust me when I say, this movie is worth it with it’s charming script, compelling characters, and challenging content.

Finally, an ensemble cast that’s star studded, not just for the box office value, but because the content got the attention of every A-lister in Hollywood, rightfully so. Carrie Mulligan (Cassie), Allison Brie (Madison), Adam Brody (Jerry), Sam Richardson (Paul), Jennifer Coolidge (Susan aka Mom), Laverne Cox (Gail), Max Greenfield (Joe), and the list goes ON. This cast is powerful, moving, and thrilling in these inspiring new roles for all of them. The director, Emerald Fennell (nominated for a Golden Globe this season) is a true anomaly behind the camera just as she is in front of it, portraying Camilla in the “The Crown”. Truly, the amount of talent packed into this four-time Golden Globe nominated movie is exciting and worth at least one watch.

Finally, a role that shows off Bo Burnham’s (Ryan) incredible talent that I predicted a decade ago (thank you very much). We will count this as his breakout role, though, his comedy special, “What.” was the first exposure we had to his genius. Unfortunately, by the looks of it, this role might not get him any award nominations which is a shame because he deserves recognition for this flawless, heartfelt performance. I truly look forward to seeing him in more leading man roles in the future.

Finally, a movie that’s fresh and exciting with a vantage point that’s relatable, hilarious and scary all at the same time. This, like "Bombshell", should be a required viewing for all pubescent teens, every heterosexual male ever born and every mother contributing a child to society because it’s THAT important. I believe it could absolutely inspire the right kind of change needed to help end sexual assaults in the future if fed to the proper minds. It gives me hope that telling stories like this one hurdles us towards a safer future for all of the women and girls of the world, finally.