Late Night

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It’s no surprise Mindy Kaling has another smash on her hands. The woman is a genius and this is her best work yet. The film starts with a scene that we aren’t used to seeing as the helm of the story. It’s in one location and only two angles but it’s dynamic and riveting just the same. It’s refreshing and sets the tone for a well tailored movie that follows.

The editing ( Eleanor Infante and David Rogers) is Oscar worthy and tells a story of its own which seems uncommon these days. The cinematography is gorgeous and ultra impressive because most of the movie takes place inside a building which limits the range of any good shots, let alone those pretty frames. But, Matthew Clark killed it and had loads of talented help from the lighting department to boot.

“Be careful showing who you are; once you turn that switch on you can’t turn it off.” It’s one of the most memorable lines from the film that is jammed packed with underlying tones of feminism and finding the bravery to be authentically you. Mindy has done a magnificent job at writing about and highlighting the female experience with accuracy, humor, and grace. It’s funny for all genders and totally relevant to the conversations of 2019. You’ll laugh your ass off, learn a thing or two, and be fully entertained the whole way through.

John Early was the break through star of this film! I predict we will see him in a load of films in the coming years. All performances, however, were top notch which means kudos to director Nisha Ganatra who hails from the likeness of Girls, Shameless, Fresh Off the Boat, just to name a few. Emma Thompson can do no wrong and is officially in the same stratosphere as Meryl; just give her the damn award already! Mindy’s performance was raw and complete which I think will also earn her some statues this season!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back and watch it again!