Via Netflix

This thrill-a-minute Sherlockian style mini-series will excite and entertain the entire family with its brain teasing plot line and action packed scenes. Assane (Omar Sy) has grown up in France as an orphan after losing his father to suicide, caused by his wrongful conviction of stealing Marie Antionette’s necklace. In an effort to clear his father’s name, Assane uses his cunning cons to uncover the truth.

As a child, Assane was gifted a book series, “Lupin”, that tells the tale of a gentleman criminal who uses his criminality as a game, through which all forms of happiness and success are achieved. Assane uses these stories as a blueprint to help him discover how his father was setup for a crime he didn’t commit. His journey to redemption parallels this novel and the tales are explained simultaneously to Assane’s story, artistically unraveling the complexities of his life as a con-artist, husband, and father.

The series is originally in French, but the English dubbing is hardly noticeable and really well done. The obvious massive budget for this series really pays off in the scenes involving the Louvre with cinematography that will resemble big blockbuster quality shots. Omar Sy (Assane) embodies the Sherlock-esque character so well and takes on the disguises his character plays easily. It would be predictable to over-act those parts, but he does it effortlessly and subtly which really aids the entirety of the story. Though the roles of the antagonists, mainly the police, fell flat and felt less than threatening, it didn’t stop me from investing in Assane’s cons and getting the adrenaline rush I want when I watch a cerebral thriller.

If you enjoy’ve enjoyed any versions of Sherlock Holmes, the Robert Downey Jr. or Benedict Cumberbatch versions, you’ll most definitely enjoy this too.