Lady and the Tramp

Via Disney+

Ok, this movie has three separate plots, runs for two hours, and lulled me right to sleep. However, my daughter laughed for the first 20 minutes straight and we had to watch it twice in one day. Therefore, I call this review, "The HOWEVER report".

Cinematography was beautiful and the set decoration wasn't too dressed up like most period pieces are. The designs looked modern and dated simultaneously which was interesting to look at, however, the scenes dragged on so eventually the sets became stale anyway.

The script was lovely and had humor for all ages. However, it felt like there were several movies all mashed into one. It had three acts, three separate times which was entertaining for the tiny one but, exhausted me by the sixth storyline arch.

Technology these days is mind-blowing and I was definitely impressed by the quality of the visual effects. My daughter tried to pet the dogs through the tv a few times so, the realistic nature of the animals were great. However, I just can't get past the unsettling sight of a dog speaking like humans; it's creepy. They really tried their best to make the mouth movements believable but, at the end of the day, it's always going to look a bit...weird.

From a film geek stand point I'd say don't bother. However, from a parent's stand point, it's two hours of pure entertainment for the small people in your home. Pick your poison.