Via Nettflix

To kick us off, I'm revisiting 'Klaus', an adorable whole-family friendly movie that will surly get you into the Christmas spirit. Enjoy!

I was a little skeptical about this animated film simply because I judged the book by it's cover. There is a certain style of animation that has harsh lines and intentionally looks like a comic strip illustration.. and it doesn't sit well with my eyes. Why, you ask? I'm not sure but, I know to stay away from that style because typically it illustrates a story that doesn't interest me. SO, when I saw the animation style of Klaus, and it had harsh lines and looked very "cartoony", I judged it like my name was Judy! But, I'm happy to say, I was wrong.

Klaus chronicles the origin of our beloved Christmas hero and traditions. It's a new spin on the magical, almost unbelievable, story we all know about the elves, North Pole, a reindeer with a glowing nose, etc. Klaus takes us on a new journey that begins with a selfish, angry, and sad world that finds its way to happiness and joy through one man who loved to craft wooden toys.

The content was slightly more mature than I expected from a PG rating but, it wasn't inappropriate for kids, just a little dark at times. My daughter watched with utmost attention and broke into belly laughs throughout. During the darker, more mature moments she drifted off into her toys but, came right back when the action picked up again. The ending is something that will make your eyes a little misty and make you rethink your idea of Christmas all together.. in the best way!

Klaus is smart, filled with heart, and a gentle reminder of what Christmas is all about. Watch with your kids and or a bottle of wine and let the Christmas spirit pour in.