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Kevin Hart: Zero F*cks Given

via Netflix

I don’t know if you gave any fucks about Kevin Hart’s career or how it took a tumble a few years ago when some old tweets of his resurfaced but, it’s time to pay attention to him now. This comedy show is reminiscent of his previous, massive arena tours however, there’s a new feeling to this one. Yes, the small group setting impacts that but, it’s really the change in Hart that is the most significantly different. He was never known for crude or inappropriate humor. He had a ‘nice guy’ reputation that was eclipsed by cancel culture and a moment of misjudgment and this special allowed Hart to redeem himself whilst making your belly hurt from laughing.

Kevin comments on his experience with being 'cancelled' in the most hilarious way and this is what I took away from it. Cancel culture is the 'special place in hell' we've all heard about and should only be reserved for those who earn it. The rest of us should be allowed the space to apologize, learn, and grow. If we don't give each other this chance, we are getting in our own way towards becoming the evolved people we strive to be. The same energy that cancels others comes back around quickly and prohibits us from growing into evolved, compassionate, inclusive creatures we strive to be. We are what we give out; we give out who we are. It's easy to judge. It's mature to listen. It's enlightened to accept and forgive.

In this fragile time, I hope we take pause to heal ourselves. To really sit silently and listen to what our hearts and minds have been begging us to hear for a long time. I hope we take the time to really see each other again. Right now, we are all in the same moment of struggle and now is the time to hear each other and be compassionate towards one another. If we don't get it right his time, we will have another opportunity, but I can guarantee it will only intensify until we finally get it right. Ultimately, we must remember that we are all one thing and what we give to others we are really giving to ourselves.

Hilarious, free, compassionate, relatable, "woke", evidence of growth via his admittance of mistakes, exactly the right tone for the moment. Whether you’re a new viewer or a lifer, you will not be disappointed with this special.

To my fellow white people: Please remember that it's important to listen to our black neighbors and friends, especially when they are asking for help. Every black person's point of view is equally as important as yours and we should do ourselves the favor and listen to as many black voices as we possibly can. If you need a place to start, this would be it. You'll laugh your ass off and learn something at the same time.. what could be better than that?

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