I Care a Lot

Via Amazon Video

I had just come off of a "Breaking Bad" binge, thinking I was starting a fun cleanse from the heavy crime drama when I began "I Care a Lot". I had actually, unknowingly prepared myself for another thrilling ride along with lovable criminals who you can’t help but root for. This movie is a powerhouse packed with sexy scandals, compelling crime, dynamic drama, and provocative humor to help it all go down smoothly.

Marla (Rosamund Pike), a crooked legal guardian who scams her elderly patients by draining their savings meets her match when she tries to swindle a woman entangled with the Russian mafia. Criminal against criminal, the women play a dangerous game of tug of war until finally, hovering death, a middle ground is formed.

At first, I was excited to see a female led movie expecting a feminist agenda (that I am here for)! However, it went beyond the narrative of “girls can do anything” and normalized powerful women dominating a male dominated world. Showcasing women being smart, powerful, and in control as being the normal occurrence (which it is, by the way) was refreshing and long overdue.

I love the stark contrast painted between the dynamics in male to female communication in this story, compared to every other movie we have all seen. It’s reminiscent of "Promising Young Woman", when we get to watch women not be intimidated by men and their (usually empty) threats. It’s so empowering to watch someone who is like me not back down or even blink twice when any of the men that threaten her or simply attempt to control her behavior. The story is intoxicating because just as soon as you think you’ve figured out who to hate, the bob and weave plot line will show you just how wrong you were.

The fresh and talented cast led by Rosamund Pike and the gorgeous Eiza Gonzlalez, complimented by the perfect antagonist Peter Dinklage, the starring cast anchored the extravagant, Russian mafia entanglement which could, at times, have seemed over the top. With the supporting cast stacked, Jennifer Wiest, Chris Messina, and Isaih Whitlock Jr., director J. Blakeson really made it easy on themselves to provide us with excellent, layered performances.

There were only a few parts that didn’t work perfectly well for me. One was the soundtrack. It worked in small doses, but overall, it was repetitive, distracting, and not very supplementary to the plot. Second, I couldn’t understand the motivation behind not letting the hostages free as nothing was holding them from doing so except themselves. It felt like a missed opportunity to add another layer to the characters or even go a little deeper into the shady backstory of the retirement home where most of the action takes place.

This heist within a heist action thriller is sexy, exciting, and entertaining for just about every type of audience member, except those who are faint at heart.