Via Disney+

Jillian Bell is such a delight and I’ve loved her in everything she’s done; except this one. It’s really not her fault, the slow-moving script saturated with Disney sap was boring and lacked depth. It was too predictable and appeared to be a stretch for the director. Although Bell was the only thing keeping the movie afloat, it was tough watching the ret of the cast over-act cheesy lines. Isla Fischer was her co-star and she, too had a rough time being remotely entertaining with the over-written script.

I watched this one with my toddler, who is fascinated by most things on tv, and she was over it about 20 minutes in, and so was I. If you have the urge to watch this film, find another Jillian Bell smash (Britany Runs a Marathon or Rough Night) and watch that instead.