Excuse Me, I Love You.

Via Netflix

I LOVE a good concert documentary. My first experience was a behind the scenes look at NSYNC on tour (happy to date myself with that one) and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve seen them all and I mean, ALL if them at least once. So, I was excited to watch Ariana Grande’s concert doc.

It followed a similar equation to most other concert movies and intermingled performances with behind the scenes glances. I have the urge to critique the show rather than the entirety of the documentary because it does make up most of the film. It’s a long concert so the die-hard fans will be happy to make it to the end, I was saturated about an hour in. I wish there was more behind the scenes footage because Miss Grande is just so damn charming!

She’s a born superstar and belongs on that stage. To truly enjoy the bulk of this concert doc you will have to already be a fan of hers. If you’re not a fan and want to expand your horizons, you’ll probably fall in love with this charming talented pop queen (like the rest of the world) who entertains on and off the stage. How she carries ten pounds of hair in six inch platform heels while she’s dancing and singing her 5-foot-3 heart out I’ll never know but, it’s very impressive.

Somehow I ended up in happy tears while coming to grips with my past pain and current greatness with her and then I understood her full appeal. Not only is she an amazing entertainer, she has spoken to Gen Z, a worried and empowered generation, and related to their pain and fear in such a human way. I wish I had a strong female voice to idolize when I was younger and I hope this next generation of women are better because of her art and influence.