Via HBOMax

This film is about an already troubled relationship struggling through an awkward situation that quickly escalates the miscommunication between the married couple. It continues to snowball (pun intended) and the lack of empathy for each other continues to decrease until the two people who insisted they were each right have to admit they were both wrong.

The entire movie is raw and natural from the tone to the lighting, music and script. The quiet moments are tragically silent which gives the whole movie a realistic feel. At some points, you might even forget you’re watching a movie instead of a video on someone’s phone.

The acting is amazing and the directing (Nat Faxon and Jim Rash) is a dream, proving two minds are better than one! Zac Woods has solicited himself as a movie star and stole every scene he was in, which is quite a feat considering the two powerhouse actors he was up against (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Will Ferrell). His roles on ‘Silicon Valley’ and the new HBO comedy, ‘Avenue 5’, are dynamite and hilarious but, this semi-dramatic role has launched him onto the A-List.

It addresses emotionally cheating on each other in multiple different ways. Typically we see the husband physically cheating but, this type of cheating feels so much worse and is done by both partners. It begs the question, “Does one cheat expunge the other?”. Through that journey, we learn that above all else, family is the most important element of our lives and should be handled with care.

It’s a shame ‘Downhill’ was released the same week as ‘Sonic’ and thriller ‘Fantasy Island’ because it certainly deserved its own day to shine. I would suggest seeing this movie if you’re already a fan of nontraditional, romantic comedies or a fan of any of the cast members.