Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil

The most anticipated film of the festival, “Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil", releasing in a four-part episodic series on March 23, was absolute worth the hype. The series starts off with the expected heavy material and takes a deep dive into the story behind the overdose and rehabilitation of the pop icon. Demi’s journey has been on display since she was a young child, starting with the struggle of coping with her addict father, dealing with the abuse from him, while trying to also deal with her gaining of global fame.

Demi shares her journey to sobriety in full detail through brave confessions from her closest friends and through personal accounts leading up to the overdose that should have killed her. Left for dead, sexually assaulted by a ‘Camp Rock’ co-star, and struggling daily with addiction, Demi openly exposes a lot of shocking revelations that prove why she’s not only a pop star, but an role model to so many. She’s a survivor with a positive, hopeful outlook against all odds. Though the content can be triggering, and stated so at the beginning, I think so many people will relate to her journey to sobriety and root for this incredible young woman.

I know some of you just re-read the ‘Camp Rock’ part and I definitely was shocked too, especially after I looked up the cast of the movie. Demi only clarifies that it was a male that was also a “part of the Disney crew” that wore promise rings stating they were saving themselves for marriage. This narrows it down to a Jonas brother… I’ll wait for you to catch your breath… making this the biggest revelation of the documentary. Her recounting of the sexual assault as a teenager was heartbreaking, especially because she compares it to another incident of assault during her overdose. Demi bravely admits that her trauma response to both accounts of rape was to have another encounter with the males, but have it be her choice, in an effort to rewrite history. This response is very common, making the confessions Demi offers up completely relatable and justifies a lot of women’s experiences.

For someone who has survived sexual assault multiple times, deals with addiction daily, and has to balance fame, family, and friends, I’m not sure how she’s alive. She’s a strong individual and I think, whether she likes it or not, she’s an inspiration for a lot of people and this film will absolutely save lives. Her path to recovery is lifelong and sharing her entire truth, I believe, will influence a lot of people struggling with their own journey to sobriety or people supporting loved ones who are addicts.

I think this documentary series will be a must watch for most people because hearing Demi’s incredible story will be relatable, inspiring, and ultimately uplifting to so many. You can start watching it on Tuesday, March 23 on YouTube.