Death to 2020

Via Netflix

This hilarious mockumentary, rich with satirical performances from legends like Samuel L. Jackson, Huge Grant, and Leslie Jones, this one-hour special will have you rolling. Just when you think they’ve hit the punchline out of the park, they hit you over the head with some sort of genius. The endless list of celebrities talk about the past year and all of the insanity that ensued. They speak interview style from different, fake points of view ranging from egotistical historians to scientists working on the vaccine, but you’ll recognize every face as some of your favorite comedians and actors.

Kumail Nanjiani, Lisa Kudrow, and Joe Keery, just to name a few more, deliver some much needed comedy relief to one of the hardest years our planet has gone through. It felt so cathartic to laugh about the dumpster fire that was 2020, and still acknowledge the work we have left to do. I felt a little relief and a glimmer of hope in knowing that we all get to start laughing about this past year as we move forward to fix the years ahead of us.

I highly recommend you watch this special if you have a sense of humor or if you enjoy laughing.