I’ve never seen a Kevin Smith anything. I honestly thought this doc was going to be about Kevin James, which I discovered very quickly was wrong. So, watching a documentary as a less-than-a-fan that was created strictly for die hard fans was an experience of its own. The big reveals of “and then, my life changed because I made THIS movie” fell absolutely flat for me. He’s clearly successful, but without a previous knowledge of his work, it’s almost impossible to understand the bits and aha moments.

I can imagine that knowing these people involved in Kevin’s career would be advantageous and seeing them pop up on screen would be exciting, but to me they were just people and no one bothered to explain who they were and why they were so important.

This doc starts out stroking Smith’s ego exclusively, putting him on a pedastool and making him seem like the world’s largest movie star. Around the middle of the film we start to see some more of Kevin as a person and how he’s connected to other people he’s worked with over the years, However, it starts to feel like a funeral video with the most famous people they could find saying concise, nice things about him. It could have served as a reference page for an application to film school better than a two-hour biographical documentary.

After filming with Seth Rogan, Smith started smoking weed everyday and his career took a sharp left turn, for better or worse. He also gave away money made from Weinstein produced movies he made to women in film because he didn’t want to ultimately make money from women’s pain and suffering. This could be the only redeeming quality of his if he weren’t wearing his face on his t-shirt in every interview.

I think the only people who would enjoy this doc are his die hard fans wanting to continue to bow down as his cult like following and praise his seemingly mediocre work. I still don’t understand who he is or why he’s so f*amous. I’m happy for Smith for having a film career, but I think he’s just one of hundreds that have had careers as a writer/director with nothing outstanding or remarkable to make a 2 hour film about.