Cinderella, 2021

It seemed impossible, for a revival of an outdated storyline about a woman being saved by a man and giving up her life and family in order to get married to the man who rescued her. In an age when women are finding their power and realizing once and for all they don’t need a man to save them to be happy, I was skeptical about the tone and ultimate success of this film. However, the female filmmakers surpassed expectations when they created a feminist reimagination of Cinderella, making this one of my must-see’s this year! Here’s a brief recap of the highlights. You can hear my full review on Cinema Sass, found anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

I love her name being Ella

Billy Porter as the fairy godmother is groundbreaking, funny, flawless, fierce, fishy, and fresh as fuck.

Billy Porter’s voice. Its angelic.

God bless the music director for these current songs blended with gorgeous originals.

The progressive messaging about girls having dreams that are worth following instead of retiring yourself as a human once a rich dude wants to marry you.

Gender roles were made fun of in a way that kids will soak it up.

The three mice that helped Ella get to the ball were hilarious; it’s the best James Corden has performed in a while.

The casting was a fully fleshed out (no pun intended) rainbow with representation across the board, not to mean there were tokens everywhere, but actual real representation.

The acting was flawless! Which always means the directing was top notch - actors cannot thrive and thrive as an ensemble without a brilliant director.

The dance numbers were Broadway level performances.

Drag Queens at the ball what?

The costume design was modern even though the plot took place in the past.

The female cello player that slayed is worth watching this movie alone

The PRINCE is dreamy, talented, and did I say dreamy yet?

His earring got me- it’s very 90’s, but I was into it.

He’s such a great actor. I was shocked and amazed with his little moments!

Camilla is a treasure and her little improvs/genius Meryl (what???) moments.

Queen Tatyana!

I almost cried listening to Billy sing.

Nature is to be respected, cherished, and nurtured.

They gave Cinderella a personality, dreams, goals, ambitious, and caring

Their first dace/song was so romantic and the chemistry was bubbling it was so HOT so, I checked in on Shawn Mendes’ insta to make sure he was ok.

When presented with the chance to become a princess, she choses her dream instead.

Her “back rolls” over the back of her dress were awesome- seeing a normal, healthy body on screen brought me to tears.

She didn’t leave a shoe because she was clumsy or dumb or stupid, she instead threw it at the guy following her to make him stop.

Idina Mendzel is so talented it hurts and it was so nice seeing her in a villainous role especially after seeing Frozen 8,000 times.

The storyline with the step-mother took a turn and she wasn’t “wicked” anymore, she was just another woman in pain, trying her best to do her best.

“The world doesn’t need another dream girl, Bury It, Marry It, Carry It to your grave” - that is a struggle for 99.9% of women right now and it’s a shame because we are on the verge of women actually being equals and we shouldn’t have to feel like we need to settle just so we are married like we are supposed to be.

That song’s medley with the 3 maidens rocking out was a “fuck yes” moment!

Defying the rules of gender with a dance number showing women behaving masculine while dressed in a feminine dress was fresh and badass.

Pierce Brosnahn and his “yeah- I want the sea monster" moment was hilarious.

“Saying love, and showing love, are two very different things”

The father and son, king to prince relationship was so tricky and I wonder if that’s a real struggle for the current day royalty.

The rapping town crier was so Hamilton meets 2021 and I love it.

A cute little bromance at the end was so fresh and real.

“Me choosing me is me choosing us” - it's my Moto from here on out.

The King showing up for the Queen is the most romantic moment of MY life.


No more labels, just his/her/theyre new love” will be the only

The Latin inspired Bollywood number at the end was FIRE

The female musicians were the tipping point and made me cry the same tears of relief my mother cried when she realized my generation was progressing and going to be ok, I knew then my baby is already growing up in a changed world. In her world, girls are tougher, ambitious, and worth more than marriage.