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Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry

(Via Apple TV+)

This deep dive concert documentary follows the phenom, Billie Eilish, through three years of monumental moments that lead to her global fame and massive success as a young artist. Starting with the unprecedented chart-topping hit, “Ocean Eyes” written about Justin Bieber at the age of thirteen, the exclusive look at the life of Billie Eilish ends poetically with a friendly phone call from Bieber congratulating her on her record breaking 8 (in total) Grammy wins including Best New Artist, Album of the year and Artist of the Year.

We follow Billie not only on stage or interacting with fans, but we get to see her home life as a teenager as well as the multitude of moments she has alone. The layout unfolding around the cities on tour and bouncing between personal and backstage moments were balanced perfectly, never leaving me to feel like a moment was lost or missed. The quiet moments stood out and lingered long enough to really drive home the feeling of how loneliness feels at the top of the charts. The songs and performances were beautifully woven into her personal story, giving depth not only to her familiar songs, but to her as a real person, too.

It was apparent throughout the entire film how much of a teenagers she really is. We tend to make kids famous and then expect them to act like, humble and grateful adults, but she’s given herself permission to be age appropriate and the people around her expect only her youth from her. I think this is the secret to fame at a young age because we have seen what happens time and time again to children that we as a society force into the spotlight without giving them the grace of forgiveness hen they act like kids. I truly hope Billie and her family continue to support each other this way because she deserves the best shot at life. Some of the tougher moments were watching this teenage girl struggle through the downfalls of fame like the loneliness, isolation, and becoming inaccessible to other humans while desperately wanting to connect to anyone. She becomes so relatable over the course of the film and I truly commend her for handling her chaotic life the way she does. There are days when I don’t want anyone to look at me or even notice that I’ve entered the room and no one cares about me nor do they probably even know that I’m there. But, I still don’t want to be seen some days which I think is human. And to lose that option for the rest of her life, Billie handles that loss of freedom with grace beyond her years.

The unexpected charm exuded from Billie, making her even more likable and exposing a side to her not too many of us have been privileged to witness. Most notably, however, were her charming parents and her adorable relationship with her older brother. It was so funny and refreshing to watch a normal family interact with each other and be a part of their sweet inside jokes. It’s incredibly evident they love each other unconditionally and treat each other with the same love and respect before, during, and after the accumulation of fame and success. At one point, Billie and Finneas joke about being millionaires and how weird that sounds. “Billie the millionaire”, Finneas jokes, and Billie reacts like any teenager would, with laughter and disbelief. It’s a small moment, but one that demonstrates how grounded she remains and how important her relationships with her loved ones true are.

This behind the scenes look into the life and career of Billie Eiliish covers everything from the beginning of her rise to fame through the Grammys 2020 and shows all of her most infamous events through a delicate, loving, and graceful lens. Though it runs a little over two hours, it flies by as you watch a girl become more and more herself and watch her develop as a complex artist. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, especially the parents of teenagers as I’m sure you’ve either heard of Billie, or your experiences as a teenager’s parent will likely resonate deeply.

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