The Politician

Season 1 available now via Netflix.

Ryan Murphy is a genius; I’m pretty sure he’s from the future and has come back to save us from ourselves.

I understand this series isn't a movie and I've signed up to be a movie critic. However, I cannot get these characters out my head and I highly recommend this Netflix original to everyone! Here’s why..

Ryan Murphy is a genius; I’m pretty sure he’s from the future and has come back to save us from ourselves. This creation of his feels groundbreaking just like Glee did back in its time. Shia LaBeouf was just quoted saying "anything that makes you feel something is art" and in this case, The Politician is an artful masterpiece for the present and future generations. It’s a story that follows a group of teens as they prep for the student body presidential election. Sounds familiar, right? Wrong. This story is relevant and sometimes even feels futuristic. I wrestled throughout the episodes with the timeline because the concepts and ideals of the plot seem like a dream for future societies. In other moments, it could have taken place in New York City yesterday. The stakes are high for our main characters which makes the race easily mistaken for the actual presidential election. It’s filled with existential humor and slap stick comedy (how, I don’t know, but it’s brilliant). The plot line weaves us between several character arcs that all bleed nicely together and will captivate your attention with ease. It will make you laugh, rub you the wrong way, and probably make your eyes a little misty which validates it’s artful quality.

It's not just the extraordinary cast (Gwenyth Paltrow is magic), or my future EGOT prediction Ben Platt, that make this series magical, it's the consistent talent across the board. The casting is impeccable and if the ensemble doesn't win an Emmy, I quit.

"Loyalty isn't about sex; we aren't our parents" has been rattling around my brain for days. It's a small line in its episode but the essence of it runs true throughout the series. The characters are constantly challenging their place in the world and society which mimics the current tone of today. Social constructs are on the decline and new rules, that aren't rules, are on the horizon. I think the subject of societal change is a part of our current culture and it’s reflected in this work of art.

The reason I can't seem to shake this show is that it really immerses the audience, to the point of feeling like you belong to this high school too. I couldn't wait to sit down and see what 'my new friends were up to'. It felt like these characters became a part of my own narrative by challenging my thoughts and ideas of what the future might look like.

All episodes were directed by a different director which is impressive because the plot and the performances in every episode were flawlessly consistent. I believe that's a sign of talented directors but mostly a solid, gorgeously written script. I'm not quite sure why there are only nine episodes when traditionally a season would consist of ten, but whatever the reason, the tenth episode was definitely missed.

Spoiler (maybe): Typically, its wise for series to make their plot lines timeless, meaning time passing for the characters is endless and hard to nail down so that the show can run for as long as the creators please. This series, however, was not afraid to explore time passing while still lobbing up a second season.

Highly, highly recommend binging this show!