Why "Frozen" is so Important

I don't have to convince you to see "Frozen/II"so

I'll just tell you why you should be happy it exists.

“Fear is what can't be trusted.”

10 reasons Frozen is important:

1. Girl power: In case you've been under a (SWM) rock lately, girls can, and will, do anything they put their hearts and minds to, especially when they work together.

2. Emphasis on familial love: Until now, the majority of Disney movies were centered around romantic love between a man and a woman. What is so important about these two sisters fighting for each other is that it shows our young girls and boys that two females can and should prioritize their relationship. Whether the girls are in love romantically, in a friendship, or in love as family members, they have love that is, and should be, a priority.

3. Evidence that self-love is important: Elsa represents the internal struggle of us all; how can I love myself when I'm capable of so much harm? Watching this character prevail over those fears shows us that we can prevail over our own fear of fully loving ourselves. It is ok, and possible, to celebrate the love you have for yourself.

4. Romantic relationships are beneficial but shouldn't be all-consuming: The relationship between Anna and Christophe is a great example of what a healthy relationship looks like. It's all inclusive and allows friendships and family to contribute to it. It's a great example how both parts of the relationship are equally important, especially when it comes to how they need to be loved. They sweetly define what it means to participate in a romantic relationship, regardless of gender and preconceived gender roles.

5. Life will always change but, what is always constant is the love you have for the people in your life: Change is hard for the majority of human beings. It's important to embrace change for it is the only constant in life aside from love. It was demonstrated beautifully in these movies that when change feels overwhelming, it can be managed by surrounding yourself with what is constant; your loved ones.

6. Trusting your instincts is always the right choice; "Fear is not to be trusted":

It's the new Motto in our house - "Fear in not to be trusted". It's poignant and so important to remember that fear exists only to protect us, not to define us.

7. Helps blur the gender lines and promotes the evolutionary idea of gender fluidity via fanbase: I love that these movies are beloved by young people of all gender identities. In raising a young woman, I've noticed how divisive entertainment can be when they aim at either male or female audiences. I think those ideas of sexism that's baked into our culture are toxic. I am so excited for movies like Frozen/2 to be so accessible and enjoyable for all genders and to set an example for future films.

8. "You are who you've been waiting for" - you can and should be your own hero: Again, Elsa representing our inner selves discovers that when you show up for yourself, and fight for your self love, you are successful. I think this idea of being your own hero helps create self-sufficient, confident adults which is what we can only hope for in our future generations.

9. Olaf's wisdom - memories are what life is all about: In our society now, success is defined by monetary gain or by status. I think that construct is contributing to the destructive idea that you have to look out for only yourself in order to "get ahead" of your fellow people. Olaf delivers a progressive and loving idea that the real currency in life is the memories you make because no one can ever take them away from you and there are enough memories for everyone.

10. When we pour our money into all things Frozen, it sends the message that these types of movies, with these messages, are needed and desired: So go see it, go see it again, and even if the songs will infiltrate your subconscious for infinity, buy the toys and soundtrack anyway! The messages in the dialogue and within the songs are important for our future. So, let it go and travel into the unknown with all of us who will be life-long Frozen fans.