Addams Family Movie

Via Netflix

If you're looking to take the kids to the movies this weekend (or you just like animated movies) you can consider this one a win! Being saturated with Frozen and other various musicals lately, I was looking forward to a change of pace. I'm also a 90's baby who is still suffering from the messaging of old Disney movies (you know, a man must rescue you after you sacrifice everything for him). So, the fresh and relevant content of this movie was a breath of fresh air that made both me, and my daughter, laugh and enjoy the whole way through.

I'm not sure if it's just me, but if I can't immediately recognize who's voicing the characters in any animated film I can't stop until I figure it out. I may or may not have been that jerk on her phone in the theatre checking IMDB to find out! So, when the names of the actors paired with a picture of their character flashed on the screen, I actually squealed. This might seem minor to those of you who don't have this complex but trust me, it's a big deal that I sincerely appreciate!

The overall esthetic was dark and totally comical. The mainstream idea of fitting in needs to be the goal and you need help if you are yourself ran through the veins of the script. Our main characters, obviously, proved that concept wrong and showed value in being whoever you are. What I loved most was the positive reinforcement in the idea that being yourself is important and valuable especially to those around you. I left the theatre feeling unique and a little rebellious which means the smaller, more impressionable person next to me felt the same, and for that reason, you should see this movie.

The soundtrack is amazing, the nods to the original series are obvious and fun to all viewers, and over all, it's a fun (short) ride!