Via HBOMax

The sequel to the mega-successful Wonder Woman franchise was as good as it could be for an at-home release. I’m sure by now you’ve heard someone’s (unwarranted) opinion about the movie but, I think I have a slightly different take. I believe the reason these big blockbuster, Marvel movies work is mostly because of the big screen and ambiance provided by a movie theatre. So, with it filmed for a big screen but only available on your tv, it did struggle a bit.

However, it really was a fun, adventure filled ride lead by the gorgeous Gat Gadot and the hilarious, and also gorgeous, Kristen Wiig. I was so entertained by Wiig’s performance not only as the comedic relief and side kick, but as a badass heroine in her own right. I enjoyed watching her kick ass just as much, if not a little more, then Gadot.

Chris Pine dazzles and charms his way through some silly writing and cheesy “side kick” scenes. He really didn’t save much of a purpose as far as I cold tell, but he is just so easy to watch and so talented I understand why they decided t include him.

If you can watch this one, just do it! Let go of your pre-covid expectations, let your over-worked mind relax, and enjoy an easy-to-watch action movie.