Via Disney+

Dear Pete Doctor,

In 2015, I was a twenty-something girl dealing with undiagnosed depression and trying to understand the world around me. I felt different because I thought I was the only sad girl around; Everyone else seemed to have it all figured out. Then, while watching you win an Oscar for “Inside Out”, you said “There are days you will feel sad, or scared .. and that’s ok, you can’t always control that. But, what you can do is make stuff and it will make a world of a difference.” That speech inspired me and lifted my spirits so high I was able to refocus and continue pursuing my dreams. I finally felt understood and didn’t feel so alone anymore. So, I’d like to thank you.

Thank you so much for offering the world your gift. Your perspective is precious, honest, and deep and this world is better because of it. You have helped so many people, from all walks of life, deal with their emotional intelligence and your influence on the younger generations will change the world. I truly believe your honest depiction of the human experience will aid children (and some adults) in processing their feelings and ultimately be more understanding and accepting towards themselves and each other.

This new masterpiece of yours, “Soul”, is just as impactful. You have somehow managed to direct hundreds of artists to create a fun, enjoyable, insightful, and inspiring story about the human experience and how to live a life fully. I am proud to show my daughter that it’s ok to live your truth out loud and that she can be everything she was born to be. It is now a part of our family’s common communication to talk abut our feelings, our soul, and how they both help us to have the best life we could ever dream of.

I will forever be indebted to you for providing me, my kid, and the world with the invaluable lessons we have learned from your movies. Please continue to gift the world with your incredible art because we absolutely need it to thrive and to allow each other to live our truths, unapologetically. Thank you for showing us, once again, that life is precious, full of magic, and worth fighting for.

Your Forever Fan,