El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

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The humor consistently slices the tension like a knife and there is no shortage of either.

I feel like I'm dropping fast on a roller coaster and it just won't stop. Do I want it to stop? I don't know. Does it matter? No. This master class in suspense and thrills is awesome! Once again, Vince Gilligan, you need help, but please don't seek it, your art is just too damn good.

I had so many questions going into this movie as an avid Breaking Bad fan. Is he, or is he not, dead? Will this be like the 'Sex and the City' transition from TV to movies (still a fan, but it wasn't great)? Why am I laughing at this horrific stuff? How is this so twisted yet, so enjoyable? The answer to it all became clear almost instantly; shut up and enjoy the ride.

I honestly can't say too much about this film without it being riddled with spoilers so I'll keep it brief..ish. I love that the timeline didn't skip a beat. Some of the items, like phone books, feel out-dated at first glance, but the original show happened with landlines and flip phones and it was nice to be transported back to a time when the world was simpler. The "extras" steal the scene more often than not which is a true triumph for all actors, proving once and for all the stars don't always have the best acting chops, just the best luck. Vince Gilligan directed everyone into the performances of their lives. We all know Aaron Paul had a bumpy start to his acting career but he has evolved into a professional, a-list actor, bitch.

The humor consistently slices the tension like a knife and there is no shortage of either. I found myself on the verge of being impatient and wanting something to happen and each time the "something" slapped me across the face.. in the best way! It's shot in such a revolutionary way just as the series was. It's beautiful and challenges the status quo. I'm still proud to be a Breaking Bad fan and this movie does not disappoint! Grab your popcorn, turn out the lights (except for the nightlight that's only on just in case you hear something outside) and enjoy the ride!