Hey! So Glad You're Here.

I have spent some years of my life making indie movies and a few films that hit the festival circuit and absolutely treasure those times! However, the business of being an actor is just not meant for me and I have respectfully bowed out of that rat race. Instead, I've decided to become a fan from afar and dissect movies as if I were responsible for making them so that I can provide you with a comprehensive review and, let's face it, give myself an excuse to watch as many films as possible! 

I'm a proud single mama of the happiest baby girl on planet Earth. I love being a mom even though it's challenging sometimes.. ok most of the time. Which is why I love to curl up with a cup of tea and my many opinions at the end of the day to watch a new movie. I assume most of you want to watch something worth your very precious time, too and I hope my reviews can provide you with a source that guides you to or away from those films. 

If you'd like me to screen a movie for you before you invest in it, please drop me a line below! 


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